The Mountain Man Of Music: The Story Of Zhu Zaiyu

DID YOU KNOW that music as we know it today, originates from a prince in ancient China? From a young age, Prince Zaiyu was a genius in mathematics, poetry, astronomy, and of course, music. He discovered that you only need twelve musical tones to make the most beautiful music. Up to this very day, we still use those twelve tones—just listen to the white and black keys between A to G on a piano.

In The Mountain Man of Music, learn more about the life of this Chinese prince, from the time he was a crying baby to the last days of his life. Without Zaiyu, we probably would not be listening to the music of Mozart, Michael Jackson, and Eminem today!

The simple language and beautiful illustrations make this book a wonderful reader or bedtime story. It is suitable for all ages, but children aged 6-12 years will especially enjoy reading this book.

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