The King Without A Throne: The Story Of Confucius - Jillian Lin

The King Without A Throne: The Story Of Confucius

DID YOU KNOW that Confucius was a teacher who opened the first public school in the world? Read all about his life and his brilliant ideas, which people still study today—two-and-a-half thousand years later.

In Confucius: King Without A Throne, discover how Confucius became one of the greatest teachers in the history of China. Together with his following of students he traveled from kingdom to kingdom to give advice to their kings. Even so, he wasn’t happy. Read the book to find out why, at the end of his life, Confucius thought he was a failure.

The simple language and beautiful illustrations make this book a wonderful reader or bedtime story. It is suitable for all ages, but children aged 6-12 years will especially enjoy reading this book.

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