'Heroes Of China' Series (2-5yrs) - Jillian Lin

'Heroes Of China' Series (2-5yrs)

Heroes Of China is a series of books for young children aged 2 to 5. The simple language and beautiful illustrations make these books wonderful first readers and read-aloud stories. Each 24-page book tells the simplified tale of a famous figure in Chinese history. Interesting facts, questions and a map are also included in the book.

Written in English and Chinese (中文), the series comprises the following 8 books:

  • The First Emperor of China - Find out more about Qin Shihuang (秦始皇), the first emperor of China who built the Great Wall.
  • The Wise Teacher Of China - Learn about Confucius (孔子), the teacher and thinker who opened the first public school in the world.
  • The Music Man Of China - Get to know Zhu Zaiyu (朱載堉), the prince who invented the twelve musical tones that we still use to make music.
  • The Clever Doctor Of China - Read about Hua Tuo (华佗), the doctor who invented health exercises that people still use today.
  • The Girl Emperor Of China - Discover the story of Wu Zetian (武则天), the girl who became the first and only female emperor of China.
  • The Star Gazer Of China - Learn about Zhang Heng (張衡), the scientist who came up with many brilliant inventions.
  • The Happy Sailor Of China - Find out about Zheng He (郑和), who discovered faraway countries with a fleet of the biggest ships in the world.
  • The Pirate King Of China - Find out about Koxinga or Zheng Chenggong (國姓爺), the pirate who became a king and was worshipped like a god.