Once Upon A Time In China...

~ 5-12 years ~

China has a very long history that includes many fascinating stories, but often they are too complex for young children to read. For this series, Jillian Lin has rewritten the most well-known tales in a simple, engaging manner, for children from age five to enjoy.

While some stories sound almost like fairytales, they are all based on true historical facts, brought to life with beautiful illustrations. Each book contains the life story of a famous figure in Chinese history, a list of interesting facts, a quiz and a map.

Softcover, 32 pages

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1st emperor online cover_copy

Did you know that China was named after its first emperor who built The Great Wall?
In this book, read about his interesting life and how he became one of the most important men in Chinese history. Discover why Emperor Qin Shihuang built the Wall, how he made China the biggest country on earth, and what he hid in his secret tomb.

Confucius online cover

Did you know that Confucius was a teacher who opened the first public school in the world?
Read all about his life and his brilliant ideas, which people still study today—two-and-a-half thousand years later. Find out why Confucius, one of the greatest teachers in the history of China, thought he was a failure at the end of his life.

Zaiyu online cover

Did you know that music as we know it today, originates from a prince in ancient China?
From a young age, Prince Zaiyu was a music genius. He discovered that you only need twelve musical tones to make the most beautiful music. Without him, we probably would not be listening to the music of Mozart, Taylor Swift and Eminem today!

Wuzetian online cover

Did you know that in the long history of China, there has been one emperor who was female?
Wu Zetian started out as one of the many wives of the emperor and worked her way up until she sat on the throne herself. Although she could be cruel, Wu was a strong leader who did a lot of good for China. While she ruled, its population nearly doubled.

Zhenghe online cover

Did you know that China used to have the biggest fleet of ships in the world?
The leader of the fleet was Admiral Zheng He, who travelled to more than thirty countries. Read about Zheng He’s adventurous life, from when he was a little boy dreaming about faraway lands, to the time he became ‘The Greatest Explorer In The World’.

Huatuo online cover

Did you know that a Chinese doctor from 2,000 years ago is still helping people get better today?
In this book, learn all about Hua Tuo's life, from his early days when he used tricks to be accepted as a medical student, to his tragic end, when he spent his last days in jail. You will also discover how Hua Tuo earned the nickname ‘The Miracle Doctor’.

Zhangheng online cover

Did you know that an ancient Chinese scientist discovered that the world was round?
Zhang Heng was a brilliant inventor as well as a great painter, poet, and mathematician. He devoted his life to studying stars and the night sky. In The Dreamer Of Stars, find out why many people believe Zhang was the cleverest man in the history of China.

Koxinga online cover

Did you know that in parts of Asia people pray to a pirate who lived in China a long time ago?
Koxinga or Zheng Chenggong was an army leader who became pirate and used the money he stole to protect China against attackers. Find out how he became the king of Taiwan island, and why the Chinese and the Japanese see him as a hero—even a god.