Heroes of China

~ 2 to 6 years ~

In the Heroes of China series, Jillian Lin retells tales of famous Chinese figures so they are easy and fun to read. Beautiful illustrations make these books wonderful early readers or read-aloud stories in English and simplified Chinese (中文).

Softcover, 24 pages

Available in e-book and print via Amazon (for readers from the USA and Europe) and via my Print Bookstore (for readers from Australia, NZ and Asia).

Chin is the emperor of China.
He only has one wish.
How can he live forever?

Read the story of Emperor Qin Shihuang (秦始皇), who has built the Great Wall and the terracotta army.

Kong is a good teacher.
Many people learn from him.
But why is he still sad?

This is the story of Confucius (孔子), the philosopher who opened the first public school in the world.

Zhu loves music.
Zhu loves numbers.
How can he put the two together?

Get to know Zhu Zaiyu (朱載堉), the first person to discover the tones of music as we know them today.

Wu is beautiful and clever.
But she is a girl.
How can she ever become emperor?

This is the story of Wu Zetian (武则天), the first and only female emperor of China.

Zheng’s grandfather has been to many places.
Zheng would love to travel, too.
Can he make his dream come true?

Read the story of explorer Zheng He (郑和), who is thought to have discovered America before Columbus.

Hua is very poor.
His dream is to be a doctor.
How can he ever become one?

Learn about Doctor Hua Tuo (华佗), the first person in the world to invent an anaesthetic drink to aid surgery.

Heng loves gazing at the sky.
‘How many stars are there?’ he asks.
Will he ever find the answer?

Learn more about Zhang Heng (張衡), the first person in history to discover that the earth was round.

Cheng is clever and brave.
He fights for China.
But can he ever win?

Koxinga or Zheng Chenggong (國姓爺) was a Chinese pirate who defeated the Dutch to rule Taiwan.