The history of China that children love to read! - Jillian Lin

Friday, 1 February 2030

The history of China that children love to read!

Many people know about the Great Wall of China and have heard the name 'Confucius'. But do they know who started building the Wall, and why? Do they know who Confucius was and what he stood for?

China has a very long history that goes back more than 5,000 years. It offers an endless source of stories that are not well-known in the West. These stories are fascinating, but are often hard to find and hard to read. Not many adults like plowing through dry historical facts – let alone children.

So how do you get your kids to learn more about China's rich history?

Let them read my books! I have rewritten the most well-known tales from Chinese history, so they are fun and easy for children to read. While some stories sound almost like fairytales, they are based on the true lives of famous figures in China's history. Beautiful illustrations bring them to life.

Younger children from 2 to 5 years will love reading the 'Heroes Of China' series. Written in both English and Chinese, they are great first readers or read-aloud stories. A few interesting facts, questions and a map will get them thinking about the story.


Older children from 5 years upwards will enjoy reading the 'Once Upon A Time In China' series. Each book features the life story of a Chinese historical figure. It also contains a list of interesting facts, a quiz and a historical map.